Beeramel Sauce.

A few months back I was at a mates BBQ and I was put in charge of making sure a caramel sauce didn’t burn or boil over. One of my workmates, Johannes was also there and his fondness for dark beers led to him having a few cans of Good Georges Salted Caramel Donovans Chocolate Porter with him. In a moment of genius, I borrowed some to add to the caramel to give it a bit of a more interesting flavour.

Today I finally got around to having a go at refining it to make it a bit more of a slap-hazard spur of the moment thing. I’ve been also looking for an excuse to use some of Lewis Roads Sea Salt Crystals Butter and found a perfectly good one in this recipe.


So! you’ll need:

1 Can of Good George Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter
A Cup of Sugar
125g of Lewis Road Sea Salt Crystals Butter
A splash of Milk or Cream


In a medium sized pot, put the sugar and about half of the can of the Beer and heat gently. Keep stirring while the sugar dissolves and reduce for about 15 mins. Drink the remaining beer while doing this. Cut the butter up into cubes and throw in with the splash of milk or cream and continue to stir until it reaches your desired consistency.

There is plenty of room to play with exactly how much beer you put in this recipe depending on how much of its flavour you want to impart onto the sauce. I found half a can to be good, but not too strong. 2/3rds of a can might be a bit more my style. More Beer means more reducing time of course.

Sadly, nothing flash to pour it over. I had to rush down to the stupidmarket to buy this Apple Crumble Muffin because I realized I need to slather something in this deliciousness in order to post a recipe .

So there ya have it! Good George Salted Caramel Donovans Chocolate Porter Salted Caramel Sauce. Its a bit of a mouthful (HAH! GET IT! I’m fucking hilarious)

Lets call it Beeramel Sauce instead 🙂




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