Sourdough Update

So! Here we go.

I have made two loaves using my sourdough starter so far. Both were unsatisfactory, however the 2nd of the two was much better than the first. I didn’t grab any pics of the 2nd loaf, so the two pics in this post are of the first.

Loaf one:

I made this using the recipe I mentioned in my last post. By making a “sponge” which was left to ferment overnight to which I added more flour to in order to make a dough, which was left to rise over a 2nd night. The sponge appeared to be quite good, a definite beerey smell and lots of bubbles. It barely rose overnight and did not “spring” in the oven like most breads do, leaving a brick of a loaf once baked. The flavour was okay, had a very sharp and sour note to it – my girlfriend screwed her nose up and was not a fan hah.

Loaf two:

This one I kinda of guestimated, by taking some starter, adding some tepid water and enough flour to make a dough, which I kneaded and did the standard rise, knock back, shape, prove then bake method that normal breads use. I found that it rose a bit more than the first loaf, but still lacked that spring you get in the oven. Taste wise it was a lot more mellow in sourness than the first loaf and had the “I’d eat this” seal of approval from the Mrs.

So! This seems to me that there is not enough wild yeasts present in my starter inhibiting a decent rise from the loaf, so I’m going to continue to feed it for a few weeks and try again.



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