Sourdough update

So after a week of giving the starter a daily feed of flour and water, i’m ready to start making a bread out of it.

Last night I took 150mL of my starter and added to a bowl with 250g of white flour and 275mL of warm water and mixed it well. This creates what is called a “Sponge” – a bubbly mix of flour and your new yeasty friends. I left this to sit in a bowl in the kitchen overnight and woke up to see this:


The bubbles are a very good sign. Shows there is enough microbes present to get my dough to rise. So to this i’ll be adding 300g of flour, 10g of salt and a little olive oil to finally make a bread dough which will be left to rise over the course of the day. It’ll then be knocked back, shaped and placed into a banneton and left for its final rise overnight to be baked into a bread tomorrow.

This sourdough thing isn’t a quick job hah



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